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Today was another one of those days when i was watching a football match between Arsenal and Manchester United and then i noticed the quality of stadium they were playing in.So i  started my laptops to search for more of these beautiful stadiums. I found very beautiful stadiums and i thought of sharing them.Of all the ones I saw, i picked these outstanding seven  stadiums.


This is simply my best stadium mostly because of its high tech design and it has just replaced a very famous old stadium. This is the home stadium for the English National Team.This is one you should visit before you die.


Location: London, England
Capacity: 60.000
This stadium which is home to Arsenal Football Club is my best stadium.As you can see, the design  is very outstanding and its attendance also impresses. Considered to be the  best ground in England Premier League ,I rate it the second best in the world.

Alianz Arena

Location: Munich, Germany
Capacity: 69.000
Located in the home town of Bayern Munchen, this stadium is a “dream come true”. If you ever have a chance to visit Munich you should DEFINITELY go and watch a football match here.With its colourful design,all football fans in Germany and most of Europe consider it the most beautiful stadium they have ever seen.

Location: Madrid, Spain
Capacity: 80.000

This is a very historical stadium.It acts as a home for the most successful club in European football history,Real Madrid.Real Madrid, record nine time champions league , are also the richest football club and what a stadium they have to show for their money.

San Siro

Location: Milan, Italy
Capacity: 82.000
This is the home of the two giants in football, Milan and Inter. Believe it or not, the construction of this stadium started in 1925! On average, 52.000 people attend on every match during the Serie A league.Although it has two teams that play there home matches in it, it is still in good shape and is still among the best stadiums in Europe.

Nou Camp

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Capacity: 98.000
This stadium has a long history. Its initial capacity wasn’t very close to 98.000 in the past. Some of Nou Camp facilities are: memorabilia shop, mini pitches for training matches, and a chapel for players. Yeah, a chapel.Barcelona, well known for its youth academy,plays its home matches here.



Old Trafford is the home of the second most historic club in England,Manchester United.Manchester United ,who have won the Premier League for the last three seasons,make this an invincible stadium to visiting teams because of the fans intimidating the visiting team.

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